Home Security 101: Tips & Tricks from Your Local Perth Locksmith

Live in Perth? Have you wondered just how secure is your home? When was the last time you had a good look at your home security? By making a few changes, an addition here, an installation there, you could dramatically reduce the chance of your home being burgled. Check out our ideas for a more secure home. 

Home Security Perth

Photo by Pixabay

Having your home burgled really sucks. It is a terrible sensation. That feeling of being violated and powerless to do anything about it is awful. At Hashtag Locksmiths, we are called to help repair and install hardware in Perth, in the aftermath of a break-in, all too often. We genuinely feel for people having to go through this. We do not want you to be yet another victim of a home break-in.

Now obviously, at Hashtag Locksmiths, we think everyone needs good, solid, reliable locks on their home. But that is not the only thing we recommend. There are a number of other steps and devices you can take or to improve your home security. Read on and see if there are any steps you might take to improve the security of your home.   

Sensor Lights

One of the most effective home security measures you can install is a sensor light. Yes, we know this is not new technology and this idea shouldn’t be a great revelation to anyone, but it works. Perth burglars tend to shy away from the light. If you have an electrician coming in to do something, maybe check out the cost of getting them to install a sensor light while they are at it. 

It is great to illuminate a front door but equally effective to set one up down the side of your property or back corner nearest the fence, anywhere that an intruder may access or pass through.

Security Cameras

Something else that works well to deter potential robbers is having a security camera installed. When we say that burglars don’t like the light, they are equally shy when it comes to being filmed. Some of the latest cameras are battery operated and can connect to your wi-fi which means they don’t require extensive wiring or expensive installation. 

In our experience of Perth break-ins, the mere presence of a security camera, even a faulty, disused unit that doesn’t work, acts as an effective deterrent to would-be thieves. 

Natures Barbed Wire – Bougainvillea

This isn’t an overnight fix, and in fact, might take a few years to get up and running, but the Bougainvillea plant can be a very effective and attractive element of your home security. If you have a fence that backs onto a lane or a part of your property where someone might be able to gain access, try planting bougainvillea. 

With its sharp spikes, this plant will grab clothes and can tear the skin. A climber, it can be trained up and along your fence line. It gives you the protection of a barbed wire fence but in the form of an attractive green shrub with pretty purple flowers. 

It is a very hardy species, grows well in Perth conditions, and can help protect your home. Why not get planting now!

Sturdy, Modern Locks

Your locks are a key aspect of your home security. Whilst a lock might appear sound, it may be nearing the end of its life. Your old door lock might still work but could be damaged, corroded, or might easily be opened with a minor application of force.

Upgrading your locks will significantly improve your home security. The sight of strong, modern door locks and the presence of deadbolts and deadlocks will often deter would-be intruders. But even if the intruders are not deterred, sturdy new lock hardware can withstand strong pressure and force.  

If your lock hardware could do with an update, then it is simple – call Hashtag Locksmiths. Our friendly, reliable, and mobile locksmith service will come directly to you wherever you are in the Perth metropolitan area. 

So there you have it. Just a few of our suggestions for securing your home and thwarting burglars. Install lights and cameras, fortify your yard with bougainvillea, and remember to get Hashtag Locksmiths around to upgrade the locks at your home.