Broken Locks: Are Your Locks on the Way Out?

Have you got a broken lock that is just a bit difficult to close or open?  Do you need to force it closed or push the door up or down in order to get the lock mechanism to engage or disengage?  It might be worth replacing or repairing it before it stops working altogether…

Broken Lock

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash

It Always Happens at the Worst Possible Time

Ask any locksmith and they will tell you that locks always seem to malfunction at the most inconvenient time.  People coming home late from a big night out or returning from a long road trip always seem to be the unlucky souls who get locked out of their homes.  When you least expect it and when you can least afford the time to have your broken lock fixed or replaced, that is right when your lock will malfunction.

The advice of your friendly local locksmith is: “Don’t wait until it is too late”. If your locks are showing signs of wear, age, corrosion, or misalignment, it is a good time to call your nearby Perth locksmith, Hashtag Locksmiths, and have them check your locks for your own peace of mind. 

Signs Your Lock Might Need Repair or Replacement

There are a number of factors or indicators that might reveal a problem with your door lock. We detail some of the key issues.

  • Loose Locks or Door Handles

Door handles and locks will gradually loosen with time. In some instances, the movement within and around the lock mechanism will damage the door locks and door handles.  Often the internal components within the lock aren’t connecting properly and further damage is continually occurring.  The problem is likely to worsen until the broken lock ceases working altogether.

  • Your Key is Excessively Tight or Difficult to Turn

If you need to apply a great deal of force to insert your key or turn the key, it is a good sign that your lock is not functioning as it should.  Each and every time you engage or disengage the lock, there will be excess wear and tear. This wearing of the lock will be far more severe than that caused by the intended, ordinary use of the lock.  The resultant damage to the lock will continue until the lock mechanism no longer functions at all, or the key eventually breaks off in the lock.  

  • Your Lock Gets Stuck/Jams 

Any number of things can cause a broken lock to jam.  Sometimes it is just a build-up of debris inside the lock mechanism or something more sinister such as a damaged bolt from an attempted break-in.   Whatever the underlying cause, this is again a problem that will only worsen over time. 

  • The Entire Lock Cylinder Turns with the Key

Uh – oh.  When the lock cylinder turns around as you turn the key to lock or unlock your door, you need to take action before the lock comes apart altogether. This problem might be caused by loose screws or damaged housing.

  • Your Locks Are Misaligned

When your door bolt or latch is not in alignment with the corresponding strike plate, it makes it difficult to open and close the lock. Again you might need to apply force to enable you to open or close the door.  It could be that your door needs to be pulled towards you or forced up or down to get your door satisfactorily locked.  This will often be caused by age, sagging hinges, or warping of door frames.   

  • Rusty Locks

Most locks are well constructed, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Visible rust on your door lock is a good sign there is corrosion within. Your lock is likely to be old and won’t provide much resistance to intruders. 

Get in Touch with Your Friendly, Local Locksmith

Any of these broken lock problems might not currently be causing you too much trouble.  But ignored, and allowed to get worse, any of these problems could result in you being locked out of your home or not able to lock up.

Rather than allow any of these issues to cause you a giant headache in the future, or a giant pain in the butt in the middle of the night, we encourage you to act now. Call Hashtag Locksmiths today. 

Hashtag Locksmiths will give you great advice and provide you with options.  With their prompt service, great products, excellent value-for-money, and a reputation for honesty and integrity, Hashtag Locksmiths is your trusted Perth Locksmith.