Front Door Locks: 5 of Our Favourites

Need a new lock for your home or office? Not sure what sort you need or what sort of options there are? We check out five different, high-quality front door locks in order to give you a sample of what products are out there.

Front Door Locks

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Lockwood 355 Deadlock: Australia’s leading lock brand

Photo by Lockwood

The Lockwood 355 is a strong, well-constructed double cylinder deadlock with a robust case, mounting plate, and a stainless steel bolt. Suitable for hinged or sliding doors, this lock is built to resist force and is particularly effective at withstanding hammer and jemmy attacks.

Australia’s leading lock brand, Lockwood has established an excellent reputation for quality products that are exceptionally durable. With especially sturdy construction, the 355 has an interlocking case that ensures the integrity of the mechanism even in spite of the application of fury and violence. A front door lock that is very difficult for intruders to get past, it is highly suited to both home or commercial installation.

This particular deadlock has a straightforward key mechanism, making it a great choice for home and business owners looking for high security with the simplicity and reliability of old-school key and lock functionality.

Carbine Acrobat: For hinged and sliding doors

The Carbine Acrobat, like the deadlock above, is suited to both hinged and sliding doors, but that is where the similarity ends. The Acrobat is a flip bolt mortice lock. Essentially this type of lock usually sits flush within the door and once the lock is engaged the bolt flips out into a recess in the door frame.

This product is specifically designed to be flexible and allow different configurations of the hardware. This lock design for example can allow for a handle permitting simple egress, making the door secure to the outside but still suitable as an emergency exit. Conversely, the lock might be configured with an internal deadlock requiring a key to open the door from inside as well as outside.

The versatility of this lock also permits varying arrangements of the hardware to suit all manner of doors whether they are metal framed, glass, or wooden, or whether the doors are solid or hollow.

The lock comes in two main models – the Hold Back and the Internal Deadlock with both able to be fitted in a variety of ways with varying options.

Carbine are makers of innovative products of high quality, offering great functionality. This offering from Carbine is particularly suitable for commercial properties, showrooms, offices, or larger residential properties.

The Acrobat provides great security and great features with a slick, attractive look.

Carbine CEL 3-in-1: The smart front door lock option

A smart lock with a keypad that accepts key, pin, or RFID card, the Carbine CEL 3-in-1 is a great-looking, modern, streamlined deadlock to consider for your next front door lock. The backlit keypad and lock function is battery-powered with a key override. 

Whilst still providing excellent security, the smart lock allows you to issue codes to a number of residents, employees, trades, etc without keys floating around and potentially falling into the wrong hands. Codes can be managed, canceled, and issued or any number of swipe cards produced.

This smart lock is great for the office or a multi-unit residential setting/Strata property.

Brava Entrance Set: A basic, high-quality front door lock

Brava Entrance Set

Photo by The Lock Shop

A straightforward front doorknob and set, the Brava Urban Entrance Set is a high-quality lockset for your home. Suiting a hinged front door, this set comes in several colours/finishes to fit with the aesthetics of most homes.

A simple yet elegant design with excellent security features, the Brava Entrance set is a high-quality yet affordable front door lock.

Carbine Armadillo: To secure your commercial property

The Carbine Armadillo is another commercial type lock with a wide variety of applications. Recommended for securing industrial facilities, warehouses, and shopfronts, this lock is so versatile it is also great for truck doors, large metal gates, and containers.

A high-security hasp lock, the Armadillo is built to withstand huge amounts of force (up to two tonnes). Featuring a hardened steel lock body and front cylinder covers, this lock is built to withstand crowbars, bolt-cutters, or drill attacks.

Probably not the most suitable front door lock for your home but great for heavy-duty applications including your factory unit or warehouses.

So, what front door lock are you after?

Now you’ve seen some options, what next? How do you choose the best lock for you? 

The first question to ask is what are you trying to lock? What sort of door in terms of materials and mechanisms are we looking at? 

A standard home front door may be perfectly suited to a straightforward deadlock or entrance set. Otherwise, a large hollow metal frame door on a commercial showroom may be best served by a flip bolt mortice lock that can be configured to suit the door. 

The next consideration is who and how many people need access to the door we are looking to lock. A large number of people accessing the building may suggest a smart lock accessed with a pin or swipe card could be more suitable.

Still unsure? Don’t sweat it. Call the experts.

We hope that this article was of some value to you and went some way toward improving your understanding of the types of front door locks there are. But we also expect that you might still have some questions.

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