To Re-key or not to Re-key? Read this first

Thought of changing the locks at your home or office?  Or want to have one key that allows you to open several doors?  A re-key might be just the solution you are looking for.     

To Re-key or not to Rey-key

Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash

Keep the locks.  Make all the old keys obsolete and issue a new (different) key. 

Essentially, when you change the locks on your property, the entire hardware is replaced.  This is a great option to ensure the security of your premises.  But in certain circumstances, where the existing locks are reasonably new, or in good working order, or may be difficult or expensive to remove and replace, a re-key might be an excellent option.

The re-key process is simpler than a full lock replacement.  It usually only requires some of the internal mechanisms to be adjusted or replaced.  The lock is opened and the pins and springs within are adjusted or replaced.  By realigning or modifying these working parts within the lock, the old keys for the lock will no longer work.  A new key is then produced for the re-keyed lock.

In most cases a re-key is a simpler, more straight forward procedure than installing complete new locks.  And it broadly achieves a similar result with the keys that opened the lock prior to the re-key process, no longer allowing access to your premises.

For many people, when it comes to moving house, changing the locks is an important way to ensure that any keys left floating around, that might have enabled access to their home, will not continue to work.

In many situations, a re-key of the home will be a suitable alternative to a full lock replacement.

For the safety of your family, or the security of your premises, a re-key should always be performed by a qualified professional.  Get in touch with Hashtag Locksmiths to determine whether re-keying your locks is a suitable option.   

Get your locks re-keyed.  Have one key for the lot.

Do you have several entrances/doors/locks that you need keys for?  Depending on the types of locks, it might be suitable to adjust all the locks to fit one single key.  End the struggle to find the right key each time.  Make your life easier, reduce that bulk of clunking metal weighing heavily in your pocket and shrink that bunch of keys.

In any event, be sure to get any adjustment to your locks or the installation of new locks to be handled professionally.  Speak to the experts at #Hashtag Locksmiths to find out whether a re-key of the locks at your home or business is possible.

And when you secure your home, be sure to secure quality products and services from #Hashtag Locksmiths.     

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