Locksmith Fees: The Cost of Engaging a Locksmith

Is it cheap to call a locksmith? Are the services provided by locksmiths cheap? Or more importantly, do the services delivered by locksmiths represent good value for money? All of your questions about locksmith fees are answered below by your local locksmith.

Locksmith Fees Perth

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Nothing is cheap

There is nothing cheap these days. Just ask my dad. He will speak of a time when a middy of beer was one dollar, and a packet of ciggies was around $2. He said once the price of Winfield Blues climbed over $2.20 a packet, he knew it was time to quit and he did, wholly successfully. Little did he know that $2.20 was still cheap – a bargain in fact – given those cancer-causing, lung-bleeders now cost $45 a packet! 

Set amongst a world of rising prices, the relative cost of locksmiths has really neither gone up nor down since those days of cheap beer and cigarettes. When considering a basketful of different services and trade costs, the price of a locksmith is broadly at a similar level in comparison to the other services.

Locksmith fees

The fees charged by locksmiths in Australia, and Perth more specifically, will vary from service provider to service provider.

However, broadly there is a price level that most reputable and well-established locksmiths will charge at. 

As a consumer, you will invariably be shopping for the best price available. However, price shouldn’t be your single criterion when looking to engage a locksmith. Factors such as reputation, availability, capability and accreditation should all be taken into account. 

Great service, prompt attention, and high standards of craftsmanship are also great selling points when you are looking to engage a locksmith. In terms of price, Hashtag Locksmiths’ charges are very much in line with industry norms and they rate highly against all the other non-financial benchmarks mentioned above.

Cheap repairs that don’t fix the problem are not cheap

One problem with going with the cheapest price repair is that it may not be the only outlay you make in respect of that issue. If you have to pay a second time to get the same problem resolved, you might be both angry and out of pocket.

A good locksmith will be able to offer you some alternatives. Maybe a repair of your lock isn’t the best option, potentially a re-key might be an option or even replace the lock altogether.

Essentially it’s not prohibitively expensive to change your locks. There is a lock for every circumstance and budget. You can pay as much or as little as you like. However, paying for a cheap lock that doesn’t last, or repairs that don’t resolve the issue are a complete waste of time and money.

Cheap – Considering it is the middle of the night

Good, full-service locksmiths generally operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Given they are often getting up out of a warm bed to attend to your emergency, in the dead of night, their locksmith fees are in fact great value for money. 

You could certainly pay less if you restrict your use of locksmiths to office hours. However, when you do call after hours, you will almost always be given a quote of the charges before they leave their headquarters. You will get to decide for yourself if you accept this quote and whether these charges are reasonable. In our experience, people are almost always pleased that the total of the charges is so inexpensive and we have been told they are “cheap”.

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