Burglary Safety Tips

Although it seems like an unlikely occurrence, break-ins; and attempted break-ins, happen more often than you might think. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is estimated that over 170,000 Australian households experienced a break-in during 2020-21. Here are just some of our burglary safety tips to keep your home safe.

Burglary Safety Tips

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Having quality locks, and a working security system are obviously the best measures to prevent and minimise the damage of break-ins. Beyond that, however, there are plenty of tips that you can use to best protect your home and valuables.

Burglary Safety Tips: Which areas do thieves target?

Knowing the most common places that burglars look at can be helpful so that you can hide your most prized possessions. 

If you have a cabinet or set of drawers at your entryway, this is the number one spot burglars will search, especially if they are in a rush. Although it may be a convenient place to leave your car keys, important documents, and cash, it also makes these items easy pickings in the case of a break-in. 

Electronic items- portable ones, particularly- are also likely to be taken if they are left out. When it comes to items like laptops, speakers, and headphones, it is best to put them away when you leave your house. Using a locked drawer is a good option, as it will usually deter thieves, who don’t have time to pick yet another lock.

Should you replace your locks?

If you’ve just purchased your house or had it renovated, it’s a good idea to replace or re-key your locks. In cases where the previous owners or your contractor have a copy of your keys, there’s no way of knowing who has access to your home, as they may have given copies of your keys to others.

Trading out basic locks for ones that meet high-security standards is one way to decrease your risk of a break-in. Another is adding multiple locks to your door. One lock may be quick and easy enough to pick, but having to do the same for two or three locks can be too time-consuming for thieves, especially if your front door can be easily seen from the street.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPTED is a security measure wherein the outdoor environment is created in a way that makes crime difficult to carry out. Having your entryways visible from the street, and trimming your shrubs and trees, makes it more difficult for criminals to sneak in and around your property undetected. Plants that are near your windows and doors should be paid particular attention, as overgrown shrubbery can assist thieves to enter your home.

An overgrown garden may also suggest to thieves that you are away from your property for long periods of time, which further encourages burglary. There are more simple things that would deter a burglar, too. A ‘beware of dog’ sign (whether or not you have a dog) and security cameras (whether or not they work) are both things that reduce your risk of being robbed. But, of course, having a dog and working security cameras are even better options.

Going on holiday?

When no one’s home, burglars are more likely to get away with a robbery. Consequently, holidays can present a golden opportunity for criminals to break into your home. However, there are a few ways to prevent break-ins during your vacation.

  • Program your lights to automatically turn on and off at certain times throughout the day, to give the illusion that someone is home
  • Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to make sure your garden and mail are tended to, as piles of unopened mail and overgrown lawns are tell-tale signs of an empty house
  • Avoid talking or posting about your trip online

You can also ask your neighbours, or your local police station, to keep an eye on your property while you’re away.

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