How to Secure Your Valuables

Generally, when we think of locks, the first thing that comes to mind are doors; to our homes, cars, sheds, and offices. When it comes to your home and valuables, however, there are plenty of extra measures you can take to secure them.

Secure Your Valuables

Photo by Ashin K Suresh on Unsplash

Drawers and cabinets

Our drawers and cabinets tend to be a major hot spot for burglars to hit during a break-in, because of their ease of access, as well as being a popular place to store valuables. However, if your drawers and cabinets are locked, it can be an even safer spot to store your goods than in a safe, as safes that aren’t bolted to the ground can easily be taken off-site and broken into. On the other hand, cabinets and desks are more difficult to remove from the home and are therefore left alone in many situations.

When it comes to choosing a type of lock, there’s plenty on the market, and your local locksmith can advise you on your best option.

Of the simpler styles, cam locks, which use standard or tubular keys, and combination locks, are the most popular. Deadbolt locks are also a favourite among locksmiths and homeowners.

A new lock for drawers and cabinets that has gained popularity in recent times is the Stealth Keyless Lock. Although pricier than the aforementioned locks, it has plenty of advantages over the others. It is pin-code operated, and can be setup to control several locks within a 15 feet radius. So, you can program the locks on multiple of your drawers, cupboards and cabinets to be unlocked with one pin pad. Moreover, it can’t be seen from the exterior of the drawer or cabinet, which some homeowners prefer for aesthetic reasons.

Safes to Secure Your Valuables

Safes are a tried-and-true gadget for securing your most prized possessions. However, to best protect your things, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying and storing your safe.

As stated earlier, it’s important to bolt your safe to the ground, or secure your safe in a way that it cannot be removed by burglars. If your safe is portable, it’s at risk of being taken by thieves, and opened off site.

As for the different types of safes, there are three main types that vary based on the needs of the owner. Fire safes are, as implied by the name, safes that protect your valuables in the case of a fire, and are usually used for family memorabilia, important documents and keepsakes.

Burglary safes are designed to protect against thieves, and often feature multiple entry methods to provide extra security. Newer and more advanced safes have variations with fingerprint and biometric access options.

Jewellery safes are designed specifically for jewellery, protecting and organizing your most valuable accessories, without deteriorating their colour, condition, or lustre. Many models of jewellery safes are actually fire and burglary proof.


As we advance into the digital age, people are less and less cautious over the safety of their mail. Be that as it may, our mailboxes contain some of our most important items. If you request government documents, order a new credit card or drivers’ licence, or buy goods online, they are delivered straight to your mailbox, and if it isn’t locked, you’re left vulnerable to theft. In the period of 2020-21, Statista estimated that around 12% of Australians had their packages stolen; that’s more than 3 million households experiencing mail theft.

Many older homes have faulty, rusted locks that are easy for thieves to surpass. To better protect your mail, have your local mobile locksmith install a new lock.

Spare Keys

We’re sure you’ve already been lectured on the risk of leaving a spare key around, but we understand that sometimes it is necessary. If you are going to have a spare key outside of your home, you’d benefit from getting a key safe or lockbox to store it in. These are generally locked with combinations or access codes and can be mounted on a wall outside, or hidden in your garden.

No matter what you need to be locked up, you’re in safe hands with your local locksmiths; Hashtag Locksmiths, operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Give us a call today to have a chat about how we can help to best secure your home and valuables.