Fashion is constantly changing. In this sense, and possibly not in respect of how industry participants dress, the lock industry is no different from the finest French Fashion houses. Lock producers create products to appeal to changing consumer tastes. In 2022, the designs created and marketed by international lock producers continue to evolve. The current 2022 lock styles & trends in products are evident both in the changing product catalogue of producers and the products sought by our customers. 

So what’s the latest look and style in the world of locks? We’ll tell you just what is in, and what is out this year.

2022 Lock Styles

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Flat and Square – The Latest Look in Lock Hardware

Door locks appear to be getting flatter and tending to sit lower and closer to the door. Almost even flush with the door surface in cases. Increasingly square and angular in style, the look that lock manufacturers seem to be moving toward is a very sleek, modern, yet industrial style. 

The sharp, straight lines with their square angles are also being set in a relatively new set of materials and finishes. Black hardware is increasingly popular, as are burnished metal alloys or dull matt finishes of various types.  

The latest 2022 lock styles tend to come in designs described as “carbon”, “black iron”, “satin nickel” or “aged bronze”. These type of hardware finishes are invariably very low shine and are in stark contrast to the old school chrome plated door hardware that seem to be very common, even today.  

Handle Styles – Levers are In. Knobs Out.

With the increasingly square door locks, rounded doorknobs tend to be less popular and lever type handles coming in. The movement against knobs isn’t really that difficult to understand. It is often remarked upon that there are a lot of knobs around (Hashtag Locksmiths clients excluded – they are wonderful people). 

This hardware is easier to procure and install thanks to most modern lever door handles being field-reversible. In essence, the locking door handle can be installed on a door that opens either right-handed or left-handed. 

And in the lessening cases where round door knobs are still being utilised, there is also a trend toward more flat, cylindrical designs as opposed to the spherical shaped door knobs we are used to seeing. 

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