Have you had a good look at your home security lately? Some minor enhancements can help make your home more secure and significantly reduce the chance of your home being burgled.

How Secure is Your Home?  

Secure Homes

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Hashtag Locksmiths are frequently called to help repair doors and locks damaged during home break-ins. We understand just how awful the feeling is for the occupants, having been violated and feeling powerless to do anything about it. When we attend and install hardware in the aftermath of a break-in, we try to be observant and take away any information that will be helpful, and assist us secure the homes of our clients in the future. 

This post covers areas and aspects of home security that we’ve observed, and suggestions of actions that householders can take to ensure the security of their home. (Check also our historic post “Home Security 101 – Tips and Tricks from Your Local Perth Locksmith”). 

Sturdy Doors and Door Frames

Many older homes have doors that are weathered and warped. Subjected to the elements over the years, these laundry doors, side doors, or back doors have been beaten by rain, wind and sun. Now, not sitting well within the door fame and sometimes with lock hardware that has loosened, these doors can sometimes be opened just by applying pressure to the right place. A moderate amount of force applied swiftly with a shoulder or a boot, and the door can be opened wide.

Obviously replacing the door itself will remedy this weakness in your home’s defences, but it is not the only option. Putting in extra locking points, say for example, the installation of a deadbolt which secures the door to the top or bottom of the door frame can provide much improved security.   

 Modern Locks and Deadbolts. 

Door locks are a key element of your home security. They are best when they are modern, well installed and robustly constructed. Good quality locks in good condition are more likely to deter intruders and withstand any application of force.  

Older locks are far more likely to be malfunctioning. Having suffered damage, corrosion and just wear and tear over years, these locks can sometimes be forced open without too much exertion or noise. We’d generally recommend replacement of locks which are showing signs of rust and corrosion, and that are not functioning properly. 

As well as making your home safer, it could be wise to upgrade your old locks before they seize up and lock you out at the most inconvenient time. But of course, if you don’t heed this advice, and you do happen to get locked out, Hashtag Locksmiths provide a 24/7 emergency service for Perth and will come to your rescue. 

Window Locks

Windows, particularly those obscured from view by trees or fences, are commonly used by intruders to access homes. Coming in a variety of makes, sizes and shapes, window locks will make your windows and home far more secure. When you get them installed by a professional locksmith, you will get window locks that are suited to the size and shape of your windows.  

Keyed Deadlocks for Doors with Windows

Doors with windows can look great and have the advantage of letting light in. The problem can be that small glass panes can be easy for burglars to smash, and then reach through, unlocking the door from inside. This type of break-in is probably not as easy or soundless as years of seeing this in movies might have you believe, but the movie portrayal is mostly accurate and it is a common way that intruders gain access. [This is unlike the high prevalence of quicksand in the television programs of my childhood, which turned out to be a much less significant danger IRL]. 

Security Screen Doors and Windows 

When kept locked, security screen doors and corresponding window screens are very effective at keeping intruders out. Whilst it may give the appearance that your home is fortified, having these heavy gauge metal screens in place does provide excellent protection from intruders and the security screen doors seem to rarely yield access. 

So don’t wait until it is too late. Review your home security now. Identify any issues or weak spots and act before the intruders come prowling around. No home is 100% secure but having strong doors and sound locks is a really good place to start.

Hashtag Locksmiths are your home security partners and will help keep you and your family safe.