Is it Time to Call a Locksmith?

Do I need to call a locksmith? Does my lock need replacing? 

Call a Locksmith

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

There are many events that might prove to be the catalyst for people to get in touch with their locksmith and arrange a new lock. We detail some of the many and varied reasons people get us on board to attend and improve the security of their home. 

New House. New Beginning.

When it comes to moving your family and all of your belongings into a new home, it is an exciting time. But have you wondered just how many spare keys to your property are floating around. Friends and relatives of the former owners, real estate agents, cleaners, neighbours, past residents all may have duplicate keys which open the locks securing your home.

Lost Your Keys?

When your house key is lost, spare keys are missing and you can’t get in, it is pretty much always time to get a locksmith in. This usually will occur at the most inopportune time. You’ll come home in the wee hours of the morning, or will have just returned from a holiday, or even have a birthday cake inside that you need to deliver to a party. 

Following a Break-In.

If your home has been burgled, it is important to account for all your keys. Is there a chance some keys may have ended up in the wrong hands? How did the intruders get in? Are there doors or windows that need a lock replacement or upgrade? 

Damaged or Worn Out Locks.

Age, frequent use and harsh treatment takes a toll on locks (as it does on even the best of us!). It might be time to bite the bullet; call a locksmith and replace your locks before they become a problem. 

Convenience! One Key for All Your Doors! 

If you have a number of doors and a big bunch of keys, you may be able to alter your locks so that all the doors open with just one key. It is super convenient and saves you from carting around a bulky, heavy bundle of keys and then fumbling around to find the right key.

Or it’s Just Time to Upgrade.

The locks that currently protect your home might no longer be appropriate or provide the level of security that you need. They might have been great, modern locks twenty five years ago. 

All these events or circumstances constitute a pretty good reason to contact your local locksmith, Hashtag Locksmiths. They can help guide you and give you the best advice. Experienced and trustworthy they won’t recommend unnecessary new hardware or repairs.

There to ensure that your home is secure, Hashtag Locksmith want you to be confident that your family and your worldly possessions are safeguarded. Hashtag Locksmiths are your local experts.

Call them today to discuss your requirements. At Hashtag Locksmiths, your safety is their concern.