Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Opening up your home to strangers can be worrying for many Airbnb hosts, so having added security measures in place can offer a little peace of mind. Here are our top safety tips for Airbnb hosts.

Safety Tips for AirBNB Hosts

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Establish house rules

Every property owner listing their place on the Airbnb website is encouraged to compile a list of rules that guests must follow during their stay. These can be in regard to your policy on pets, smoking, parties, noise, lost keys, and check out times. 

Your manual should also include safety information on emergency protocol, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers. On top of all that, you can designate restricted areas in your home that guests aren’t allowed in.

Request a security deposit and ID verifications from your guests

As soon as your guests make a booking at your property, you can begin communicating with them through the Airbnb messaging system. Not only will this help you gain insight into the people who will be staying in your home, but it will also give you the opportunity to establish your house rules, and request a security deposit and ID verification.

A security deposit is a safeguard to ensure cooperation from your guests. It is a fixed amount of cash they pay up front, which is returned at the end of the stay given they haven’t damaged your property or broken any of the house rules.

ID verifications are another measure you can take to help in the case of damages. If you need to hold your guests accountable for any issues, particularly if it’s serious enough to take up with the police, having identification for the guests responsible is important.

Having these measures in place also discourages guests from disrespecting your rules and your property.

Invest in home security

It wouldn’t be a safety tips for Airbnb hosts list without a mention of actual security systems. It wouldn’t be a safety tips for Airbnb hosts list without a mention of actual security systems. There are plenty of home security options that would be beneficial for Airbnb hosts. The number one option would probably be keyless entries. Going digital is a good way to avoid guests making a copy of your keys and gaining access after their stay. If you have a digital locking system in place, you can generate a new access code for each guest that stays in your home, so after their stay, their code will no longer grant them access to your property. For information and advice on digital locks, call your local locksmith at Hashtag Locksmiths.

An updated security system can also be helpful for hosts to have whilst guests are staying in your home. Some newer models include features like mobile monitoring, where you can remotely control locks, adjust heat settings, and monitor who has entered your home and when. You can also opt to receive notifications when restricted areas are accessed.

Video surveillance is another option to consider, as it can provide peace of mind for the hosts and guests. Not only does it deter intruders from targeting your property, but it can be helpful in verifying that your guests match their online profile, and that they don’t bring unauthorised guests into your home. However, you are required to disclose surveillance devices to your guests, and aren’t allowed to have them in certain areas, such as the bedroom or bathroom. 

Consider additional insurance for your property

Having a financial safety net in the case of damages is a really good idea for hosts. First, you should contact your insurance provider to explore options that will offer a little extra coverage and protection. 

Although plenty of insurance companies do offer policies that cover home stay situations, if yours doesn’t, Airbnb does offer its own ‘Host Protection’ insurance program. This provides liability coverage for hosts using their platform, and hosts can receive up to $1 million in the event of property damage or injury.

Remove your valuables

Even though you need to provide certain amenities and items to your guests, and having nice artwork and furniture can boost your rentals value, you should remember to take your personal valuables before your guests arrive. Otherwise, it may be a good option to have a safe in your home where you store your valuables, of which your guests don’t know the combination.

We know how important the safety and security of your property is. For expertise and experience in home security, call your local locksmith today on 0422 254 110.