Are Home Intercom Systems Worth the Investment?

Although intercom systems are rarely seen outside of apartment complexes and offices, more and more people are installing them in their home as the software and functionality of intercoms improve. 

Home Intercom Systems

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Are you considering installing an intercom system in your home? Here’s the down-low on Home Intercom Systems:

Functions of a Home Intercom System

Today, you might be surprised by how high-tech modern intercom systems are, and the various functions that can be performed on them. It goes without saying that the intercom works as a doorbell, allowing you to grant access to visitors without having to open the doors yourself. While traditional doorbells force us to drop whatever we’re doing to answer the door, newer intercom systems allow you to grant access from your smartphone, so you can answer the door from wherever you are. 

Most new models available also have a camera function, so you can see and hear your visitors before letting them in. Plus, a video intercom is able to catch any criminal activity on camera, which can be used for evidence in the case of a robbery or vandalism.

Some models, such as the Netamo Smart Video Doorbell, have the option of sending you an alert on your smartphone when people approach your door, even if they don’t ring your bell. This can be a handy feature if you want to look out for suspicious visitors, or to check when you have mail delivered. Not to mention, if you’re away on holiday, you can monitor your property remotely with your smartphone.

There’s also an added level of convenience that comes with the communication system in your device. Because you can connect to the other intercom devices in your home, you can easily communicate with the people in other rooms. This is particularly helpful for the elderly and disabled to be able to contact others in the house from whichever room they’re in.

Then there are the features that you wouldn’t typically think of when it comes to intercoms, such as enhanced child monitoring and home entertainment systems. If you choose to have cameras installed in multiple of the intercom devices around your home, you can watch your children from another room, so you could, say, monitor your kids playing in their bedrooms while you cook in the kitchen. And if you choose a system that has speakers in multiple rooms, you can use these speakers to play music throughout your home.

Home intercoms can also be integrated with your home security system, meaning you can manage everything under one control system, and you may not need to install a brand new system. For more information on integrating your security systems, contact your local locksmith or electrician.

Cost of a Home Intercom System

The cost of an intercom system varies based on the make and model you choose, as well as the functions you’d like included. That being said, there are options for pretty much every budget, with models ranging from around $200 for basic systems to around $2000 for more complex, sophisticated ones.

You should take into consideration, however, that it’s in your best interest to have your intercom system installed professionally, which is an added cost.

Nonetheless, Home Intercom Systems can be considered a pretty good investment because on top of the functionality, having a quality intercom system can actually increase the value of your property. Nowadays, smart technology is highly sought after by buyers, so having it in your home gives added value. Plus, an intercom system improves your home’s security, which also increases your property value.

So are Home Intercom Systems worth the investment? The answer differs depending on the person and their situation. For many people, having a sturdy security system, or even just quality locks installed in their home, is the best solution. If you think your security systems or locks need a little maintenance and TLC, contact your local locksmith or electrician.

That being said, no matter who you are or what your situation, home security is of utmost importance. For expertise in home security, call your local locksmith today at Hashtag Locksmiths.