Smart Lock Installations for Your Home or Business

More and more people are recognising that smart locks are a fantastic option for securing, and importantly, enabling access to your home, office, workshop or warehouse.

Smart Lock Installations for Your Home or Business
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Why is a smart lock a great idea for your premises?

A smart lock with a keypad or Bluetooth key means you don’t have to carry keys around.  Your access code or maybe your smartphone will be all you need.  No need to hunt around for your keys, and no worries – you’ll never be locked out with a code and keypad entry.  But if you still like a physical access item, then swipe cards are great and slot comfortably into your wallet. 

With technological enhancements, the cost of getting a smart lock is no longer prohibitive.  The security and convenience of digital access is not just for bankers and corporate law firms located in CBD office towers.  This technology is affordable and you will love the ease of access, and the solid security it delivers.    

As a landlord, you can give new tenants piece of mind without having to change the locks.  You can give them a brand new code, cancel former access codes, devices or swipe cards.  Or if you’ve a relative coming to stay, you’ll be able to issue them their own code for a specific time period.   

If you are an Airbnb host you can provide a new pin code for each new arrival and have the code expire after checkout.  You can manage the access to your property remotely and never have to be present to provide keys again. 

Also many smart locks will automatically log all the ins and outs at your premises if you ever need to go back and find out who was in the office and when. 

Many recent smart locks which have hit the market have apps that can be downloaded.  So now, with your phone you can simply issue and manage access codes.  You can be on holiday, stuck in traffic or out shopping and grant someone access to your home or office immediately.

There are loads of great smart locks available.  Talk to us at Hashtag Locksmiths to find a smart lock that suits your needs and budget.  We’ll gladly point you in the right direction.  

And once you’ve identified a great smart lock, make sure to get the best out of it. Ensure that it will do what it is meant to and that you take advantage of its features.  Get the experts to install it.  

It’s no accident that #Hashtag Locksmiths have a great reputation.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our reliability and the quality of our work.  We are totally committed to providing great customer service and we stand by our products and services.

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