How to Increase Your Property Value: Top Tips

Are you trying to sell your home? Your investment property? Or even looking into flipping a house?

Increasing Property Value Hashtag Locksmiths

There are plenty of components that come into play when it comes to increasing the worth of your home. Most notably concerning aestheticmaintenance and home security.

Here are a few ways you can boost your property’s value and get the best bang for your buck while making improvements, along with some general tips on prospering in the current market.

Aesthetic improvements

How to Increase Your Property Value

The most important aspects that affect the value of your property, along with home security, is the street appeal and the cosmetic merit of the house. Things like a new paint job, removing wallpaper, tidying up the yard and high-pressure cleaning the exterior are the most cost-effective and easy ways to apprise your property.

To appeal to the largest sector of the market, you should stick with neutrals for your walls, curtains and carpets, as opposed to bright colours and vivid patterns. Colours within the cream, grey, and white palettes are best for when the time comes to sell.

If you’re open to more major renovations, modernising your kitchen is most likely to make you a profit. New appliances and hardware will do wonders for the appeal of your property. Bathroom renovations are a close second, with minor improvements like new tile grout and a good clean proving to make a drastic difference.

Upgrading your doors and windows is also a fantastic option, as it will be an aesthetic improvement, particularly aiding your street appeal, as well as improving the safety and energy efficiency of your property. However, if you upgrade your windows and doors, remember to get them fitted with new locks. Call Hashtag Locksmiths, Perth’s premier mobile locksmith.

Additional features

Additional Features to Improve Your Home's Value

If you want to add additional features to increase your property value, pools and additional rooms are the most popular, but you can go a more cost-effective route by installing extra storage. Not only do most Australians prefer properties with ample storage, but if you create enough storage throughout the rest of the house, you may even be able to free up spaces like the attic or basement to be transformed into a game room, study, bedroom or other.

Maintenance and repairs

Structural work and repairs may be necessary to get your property up to standards, particularly on older buildings, any maintenance on top of that isn’t really worth your time or money. Even though structural integrity should play a part in property value, it’s not generally something that buyers notice, and will likely cost you more than it will increase the property’s value.


As much as marble countertops, extra storage and hardwood flooring can boost your property value, it’s important not to overlook your home’s security and the drastic difference it can make to your profits. In fact, one of the top elements that increases property value is the security of the home and low crime rates, trumping proximity to beaches, school districts and transport links.

Installing a top-of-the-line security system, a home intercom system, and/or digital locks throughout can significantly increase the security, and therefore the worth, of your home.

Another great way to improve security and reduce crime is by installing security cameras around the property. Studies have shown that areas with CCTV systems experienced a 13% decrease in crime compared to control areas. On top of that, having security cameras and top notch security systems in place can also reduce the rates of insurance premiums for your home and contents, which you can advertise to potential buyers.

For expert advice and service, call the home security specialists today at Hashtag Locksmiths. We can install new hardware, re-key your locks, install digital locking systems, and more. Get in touch today to see how we can help boost your home security, and as a result, your property value.