Keyring & Keychain Trends 2022

For most people, their keys are used pretty much every day. Your keys are essentially a staple accessory, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a little fun with them and customise your keys to your liking. So, if you’re looking to spice up your keys, or even if you’re looking for a gift for a friend, look no further. Today, we’re going through some of the top keyring & keychain trends of 2022.

Keychain Trends 2022

Retro keyrings

There has been a huge resurgence of retro style clothing and accessories over the last few years. In particular, we see today’s trends taking notes from the trends of the 70s and 90s. On top of the fashion, there has also been a move away from digital technology, with younger generations buying vinyl records and shooting film. 

So, there are a few cool retro options for keyrings, like this film roll keyring that stores up to 20 of your own personal photos, which can be pulled out to view, or compacted back into the roll. 

There are also a ton of vinyl keychains on the market, many of which can be customised to include a specific song title or album cover.

Airpod cases

Seeing an envelope pouch or coin purse on a keyring is nothing new, but since Apple Airpods have skyrocketed in popularity, Airpod cases have been popping up everywhere. So, attaching your Airpod case can be a great way to accessorise your keys, and keep track of your Airpods.

There are plenty of options; plain, novelty, personalised, and even designer. If you have a new or pro model, or even if you have the traditional wire earphones, you can find a case that will fit.

Spotify code keyrings

Another great choice for music lovers is a customised Spotify code keyring. For those who don’t know, codes can be scanned with a smartphone camera, and Spotify will open the designated song in the app. A custom keyring with the code for your favourite song, or for a song that is meaningful to a loved one, can make for a fantastic addition to your keys. They also make for great gifts, being both practical and sentimental.

Belt keyrings

We’ve actually mentioned this in an earlier blog post, but wearing keys on your pants has become pretty trendy in recent years, even being seen on celebrities like Pharrell, and featured in magazines like GQ. In the men’s fashion world, we’ve been seeing lots of chunky hardware, carabiners, keys, and chains, attached to belt loops. This is also perfect for people who have a hard time keeping track of their keys.

Beaded phone charms and lanyards

We talked earlier about the 70s and 90s trends re-emerging, but there’s also been an undeniable resurgence of trends from the early 2000s. One that comes to mind is the beaded phone charms that have been showing up all over on Tik Tok and Instagram. These particular ‘charms’ are super versatile because they can act as a phone charm, a key accessory, and a wristlet. You could also get matching charms for both your keyring and your phone, which can even be personalised. Alternatively, if you like the idea of the charms but find them a little clunky, you could get a beaded lanyard for your keys instead.

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