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Alex from Hashtag Locksmiths provides answers to questions asked most regarding locksmiths.

Questions? We've got Answers - Hashtag Locksmiths

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If I lose my keys and am locked out in the middle of the night, will you come and assist me even though it is after hours?

Yes.  Our service is 24/7.

Is there a callout fee for services provided after hours? 

We don’t generally charge a callout fee although some locksmiths do.  If you call us and require work done outside usual business hours, we’ll advise you what the charges will be before we come out and tackle your job.

Of course, getting your job done during business hours will usually result in lower charges. But the after hours charges applied by Hashtag Locksmiths are still reasonable.

Mark C. from North Perth was locked out of his home recently. He said:

“It was late, I had lost my only key and I was a bit dishevelled.  And I couldn’t wait until morning.  I got Hashtag Locksmiths’ number from my nephew who had used them and recommended them highly.  When they quoted their charges I was pleasantly surprised.  Much prefer to have my lock changed there and then and not wait.  Service was prompt and friendly too.”

Is it expensive to engage a locksmith?  

Good question! Simply put: no. We don’t think so.  In our experience, our clients are invariably satisfied with our pricing.  

While prices do vary between locksmiths, many common services attract fairly standard charges.  Our pricing is broadly at similar levels to most of our key competitors.

When it comes to labour costs, some locksmiths charge by the hour or “part thereof”. So regardless of whether your job takes 20 mins, customers still pay for a full hour.  

At Hashtag Locksmiths, we charge for labour in 15-minute blocks.  Our qualified and experienced staff equipped with finely calibrated, precision equipment can save clients money by only taking, and in turn only charging for, the time they need to execute the job at hand. 

Hashtag Locksmiths’ labour charge is $22.00 per 15 minutes.

What is the difference between replacing and re-keying a lock? 

When you replace the locks on your property, the existing hardware is removed and a new unit installed.  Whereas with a re-key the process is simpler.  Usually only requiring some of the internal mechanisms to be adjusted or replaced, the existing lock is opened and the pins and springs within it  are adjusted.  Once these working parts are realigned,  the old keys for the lock will no longer work.  A new key can then be produced for newly re-keyed lock.

Both options are great option for ensuring the security of your premises.  In some cases, particularly with an older, corroded or damaged lock a replacement is best. But in certain circumstances, where the existing locks are reasonably new, or in good working order, or may be difficult or expensive to remove and replace, a re-key might be the preferred option.

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