Apartment Complex Locks

Is a Smart Lock the Best Way to Secure Your Apartment Complex?

Talk to your local locksmith about a new lock for your apartment complex and find a lock to ensure both your security and ease of access.  

Apartment Complex Locks

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Keys are items that we trust. Metallic and sturdy, they are reassuring and give us confidence. There is a certain comfort that comes from knowing you have the means to gain access to where you are going. However, if current trends in the lock market continue, physical keys are on the way out.

Although there is no need for alarm. The alternative is here and the new breed of smart locks brings along with them all the security of conventional locks, with modern convenience and contemporary styling. 

The technology of smart locks allows for a lock to be opened by the input of a code, whether it is into a keypad or delivered by a swipe card, or even a Bluetooth key activated by your phone. The beauty is that you don’t have to carry keys around any longer. Remembering a simple pin code, carrying a credit card-sized access card, or just having your smartphone with you will be all that you need. Forget hunting through your handbag for keys, and no longer cart around a heavy bunch of keys. 

Smart locks enable residents of an apartment complex to simply and easily provide building access to visitors and tradespeople. And whilst convenience is the selling point of smart locks, it is important to note there is no trade-off or compromise in respect of security. In fact, there are some excellent security advantages of smart locks. For example, when residents move out there is no concern of extra front door keys floating around and hence no need to re-key the lock. The code issued to a particular resident can be canceled and a brand new code issued to new residents.

As lock technology has marched forward, the costs of smart locks have continually gotten more affordable and accessible. With a vast range of products on the market, there is a smart lock to suit almost every apartment block and almost every budget. 

In the event, an apartment owner wishes to let their apartment on a holiday rental basis (i.e Airbnb or other platforms) the host is able to provide new pin codes for each new arrival and cancel the codes upon departure. Furthermore, a resident could manage access to the property remotely and not need to be present to provide keys at all. 

Another great feature available in smart locks is the automatic logging in and out of all entrants to the property. This can be incredibly valuable in the event of disputes and court proceedings. 

Whatever your requirements, Hashtag Locksmiths are your experts when it comes to selecting and installing a smart lock in your apartment building. You will be delighted with their excellent service, professionalism, and great value for money.

Call your local locksmith, Hashtag Locksmiths, today for the best advice and an obligation-free quote for your apartments’ smart lock.