A Guide to Locksmith Services

Ever wondered just what a locksmith does? Our handy guide to the range of services performed by a locksmith, is intended to enlighten everybody from new home occupiers through to professional property managers.

Locksmith Services - A Guide

Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash

Locks come in many forms. From simple padlocks to sophisticated, hi-tech hardware, locks all fulfil the same purpose – to protect and secure. It is a simple yet essential element of every home. Even the most rudimentary lock mechanism can deter an intruder. The humble lock’s importance is evidenced by the fact that the absence of a working lock will invalidate virtually any home contents insurance policy. 

It is your local locksmith’s job to install, repair, and sometimes even, break locks. It is a key skill of the locksmith’s trade to place or implant a lock, such as a mortice lock, into a door with a mechanism that secures the door to the door frame. Equally however, your locksmith is often called upon to disengage a lock, essentially breaking into your home when you are locked out.

And it is not just homes. Locksmiths secure all manner of buildings, including offices, showrooms, factory units, sporting facilities, right through to garages, sheds, gates and even sea containers. 

While your locksmith will likely be highly adept when it comes to making or breaking locks, they will also produce keys for locks that you have lost the keys to. Or they can re-key a lock so that your existing keys no longer open the door. Which can be great when you move into a new place and suspect there are numerous keys out there somewhere.

Where locks are badly worn or damaged, you locksmith can repair or replace the hardware. If you have specific needs, maybe added protection for valuables or an insurance requirement, your locksmith can fit bespoke hardware or high quality off the shelf locks. Deadbolts provide great security and peace of mind and give you extra locking points. You can also greatly improve your home security with simple window locks. Whilst security screens will provide a greater degree of protection, window locks are still very effective at preventing many burglars. It is only the most emboldened intruder who is prepared to smash a window to get in. Security screens are also vastly more expensive to purchase and install than window locks, and might be considered quite unsightly.

If you suffer the indignity of having your home or office burgled, your local locksmith can be called upon to help repair the damage, fixing broken locks or installing new hardware. And when you lock yourself out, a great many locksmiths provide an emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your locksmith will be able to disengage the lock on your door, effectively breaking the lock, without damage to your door or door frame. They will then repair, re-key or replace the lock for you.

Locksmiths don’t just secure doors and windows. You name it, they will have a go at securing it. Specialist locks for trucks, storage containers, or even purpose-built cabinets for valuable collections can all be secured with the advice and assistance of your local locksmith. And when it comes to apartment buildings, your locksmith can provide guidance regarding the best and most secure access systems for communal doors. 

With the number of locksmiths operating in Perth, how are you supposed to choose the right one? Locksmiths will have varying levels of experience and proficiency. It won’t always be easy to discern whether your locksmith has the skills to fulfil the job you need doing. Do your research on the service you want and satisfy yourself that your locksmith knows what they are talking about. Also research the business, assess their outward appearance and online presence, check any reviews, and generally satisfy yourself they are a reputable business. 

It is also worth enquiring if a locksmith is registered and licensed as a Security Agent with WA Police. This licensing requires character and background checks and can give you some peace of mind in respect of the integrity and reputation of your chosen tradesperson.

Locksmiths might operate out of a workshop, a fully equipped vehicle, or belong to a larger security or construction company. Locksmiths sometimes may specialise in a single aspect of the trade, for example, some may work closely with a builder of new homes. If your requirements are quite specialised, you might be able to find a locksmith who is recognised as an expert in that area. 

A good locksmith will almost always be able to advise an indication of the cost of your service in advance, and will often provide a free quote. 

The cost of services will differ from operator to operator. However, amongst the Perth locksmith community, particularly the well-established businesses, there is broadly a similar level of pricing for services. Where you obtain quotes which vary dramatically, always check the quality of hardware which is included in the price and ensure that the services quoted are both comparable.

Locksmith services are an important element in ensuring the safety of your home, business and family. Protect yourself and enjoy the security which comes from engaging a professional locksmith. Licensed with the WA Police Force as a Security Agent, you can trust Hashtag Locksmiths to help defend your home from unwanted intruders.

Hashtag Locksmiths are your local Perth locksmiths. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, they are experienced, highly capable and expert when it comes to securing the places important to you.