How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

How much does a 24/7 emergency locksmith cost in Perth? Wondering how much locksmiths charge by the hour? Is there a standard callout fee? Read on to have your questions answered.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

If you’ve ever had issues with your locks, you’ll understand how critical a role they play in safeguarding your home. When things go wrong, you can’t allow the security of your home to be compromised for even a short time – you want someone to attend to your lock, and to fix it quickly.

But are the costs of engaging a locksmith a mystery to you? Are you worried about incurring a hefty bill for urgent locksmith services? Well…. you shouldn’t be. Particularly not if you engage Hashtag Locksmiths. 

With a transparent schedule of fees and a straightforward list of services, understanding Hashtag Locksmiths’ pricing is easy. In fact, the only thing that is easier is dealing with the friendly and professional team at Hashtag Locksmiths. See for yourself – call Alex today on 0422 254 110.

Labour Costs

In terms of labour costs, Hashtag Locksmiths don’t charge clients by the hour or “part thereof” as some locksmiths do. They charge for labour in 15-minute blocks. Given they are highly experienced and qualified, with finely calibrated, precision equipment behind them, they actually save clients money by only taking, and charging for, the time necessary to execute the job at hand. 

Hashtag Locksmiths’ labour charge is $22.00 per 15 minutes.

This charging in small-time units more often results in cheaper overall labour charges. Many locksmiths charge $60 – $100 per hour, however require a minimum labour charge of one hour. 

 Callout Fees

Locksmiths will usually charge a callout fee or build a callout charge into the cost of a particular service. In respect of most local locksmiths, callout fees are usually in the $80 – $130 range for callouts during ordinary working hours and in the $140 – $220 range for callouts out overnight or on the weekend. 

As per their current pricing schedule, Hashtag Locksmiths call-out fee is $88.

In all instances however, Hashtag Locksmiths will seek to provide a quote or cost estimate for their services which is inclusive of callout fees and all charges. So before the Hashtag Locksmiths van hits the road on its way to your home, whenever possible, you will have an expectation of the costs you will incur for the services you require. 

High-Quality Work. Fair Pricing. 

As well as knowing to expect reliable, skilled and prompt service, Hashtag Locksmiths’ clients know they can expect, fair, honest, and upfront pricing.

So go ahead and check Hashtag Locksmiths’ pricing schedule and see what you can reasonably expect for some of the most common services they provide. And if you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact Alex on 0422 254 110.

Call Hashtag Locksmiths today for fast service, high-quality work, and no surprises when it comes to the bill!