Locksmith Tools to Get the Job Done

A good professional locksmith will not only always be well trained and suitably qualified, but he or she will also be equipped with the right tools. We’ll take a look at some of the key items in the locksmith’s toolbag.

Locksmith Tools Perth

Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash

It’s the role of a locksmith to install, repair, remove and replace locks. Each process has a number of steps and will often require a number of tools. Some tools are very common with a broad range of uses across a broad range of locks, but many tools are specific to a type of lock. Given the vast number of different types of locks on the market, locksmiths need a large number of tools, in a variety of styles and designs.

A handful of some of the most common and highly utilised locksmiths’ tools are detailed as follows.

Lock Picking Sets

Comprising a set of hand tools usually designed for a specific type of lock, a lock picking set, when used correctly can open a lock that is jammed, or for which there is no key.

The set will include a variety of long, slender, metal blades, sometimes with flat ends or hooks, plus tension wrenches and usually an auto tensioning tool. Manipulating a lock with a combination of the right tools from an appropriate set will usually open even the most stubborn, jammed lock.

Broken Key Extractor Tool

As suggested by its name, a broken key extractor is used to remove broken keys from locks. This tool comes with a set of fine blades with different hooks on the ends which are used to manipulate a key fragment from a lock.

Lock Pin Tumbler Tweezers

Looking much like an ordinary pair of tweezers, this tool is used for grasping cylinder pins. A precision tool with fine grooves to enable grabbing and holding small pins, it is essential to a locksmith.

Handheld Scope

Despite being a fascinating instrument, handheld scopes are often referred to, quite unfairly as “borescopes”. (This is a taste of locksmith humour. Much like the man who was asked how his formal qualification as a locksmith had helped him in his career to which he replied “It’s certainly opened a lot of doors”).

The handheld scope is invaluable because it enables locksmiths to see what is usually obscured from view. With a scope, you can read wafer locks or view the inside of locking mechanisms. Rather than fumbling around clumsily, a locksmith is able to gain a magnified view of the object being worked upon. 

Key Decoder

This device is used to determine the correct position of a lock’s component parts. An essential tool when it comes to re-keying locks, the key decoder is used to generate the information required to create a working key.

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