2022 Lock Trends: All the Latest

As technology advances, seemingly at breakneck speed, we recognise that the lock industry, and particularly the products offered, is rapidly changing like everything else under the sun. So, what’s new in the world of locks? We’ll discuss a few of the key changes and 2022 lock trends.

2022 Lock Trends

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Much the same as virtually every participant in every other industry, lock producers have been significantly impacted by technological change. And right now, it feels more dramatic, and the rate of change faster than ever. But the great news is that 2022 is an exciting period for locksmiths and consumers. High-tech products are becoming increasingly available and more affordable. 

Smart Locks in Residential Properties 

Where once smart locks were only used in commercial settings, their advantages and convenience have seen their growing use in residential settings. Smart Locks operate without keys and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be operated by keypads, swipe cards, Bluetooth, and biometrics. They can track who goes in and out and whenever a door is opened or closed. 

While the costs vary dramatically from model to model, and according to brand and function, smart locks are now very affordable. New home builders are often deciding that several hundred dollars, for the convenience of not needing a key when you leave the house, is money well spent. 

Smart Locks: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Functionality 

So much of new technology and recent innovation centres around personal devices and specifically, smartphones. If something new is created, becomes available, or can be accessed via the internet – there needs to be an app to go on your phone. Lock technology is no different. 

As the number of smart locks on the market continues to grow, Bluetooth functionality is quickly being adopted by lock producers. With Bluetooth-enabled locks, your smartphone is all you need to be able to engage or release a lock. The new breed of smart locks have compatible or custom applications which enable users to access a number of features. In addition to being able to lock or unlock a door, users can assign permanent and temporary visitors with access codes and even lock/unlock the door from remote locations.


Biometric technology incorporates some form of physical recognition into the process of authenticating or authorising a function. With locks, it generally involves a fingerprint or facial scan to enable the opening of a lock. The technology that enables this has become more accessible and affordable. It is no longer only limited to retina-scanning on door locks for use in top-secret government installations as regularly seen in Bond films. 

Fingerprint scanners will soon be commonplace, particularly in locks securing office buildings and factory/warehouse facilities. And as the technology continues to be more widely adopted, it won’t be too long before biometric locks are the preferred device for home security. It will be hard for the kids to argue about what time they got home when their movements are logged in and out and their fingerprints required. 

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