Terminating an employee? Protect your business

Looking into the possibility of terminating an employee? Having a disgruntled former employee with a key to your business can be a cause for anxiety. A change of the locks or a re-key of your office might allow you to sleep easier.

Terminating an employee

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Could your business suffer damage or loss due to an ex-employee having access to your business premises? 

According to the latest ABS data, in the 12 months to February 2021, some 1.8 million Australians left or lost a job.  Of this number, some 30% had their employment terminated.

Employers like to think they have made good choices in respect of hiring staff and need to be confident in their vetting process but in reality, employers usually know very little about their employees.

And with so many employees being provided keys and access items to allow them entry or give them the ability to lock up business premises, what happens when an employee with this access has their employment terminated?  

In the event of an acrimonious split between your business and an employee, does your employee having a key to the door leave your business exposed?  Is your stock at risk, or is it possible that your tools or equipment are in danger of theft or damage?  Is there a threat to your records and systems?  What are the consequences of your business being compromised?

Put your mind at ease. Change the locks.

Each and every employee and termination scenario will be different, however, there will always be instances where it is strongly recommended to change the locks.  Weighing up the likelihood of unauthorized access by a former employee and the consequences of damage, theft, data, and system compromise should guide your business’ thinking. 

Even when the probability of your former employee accessing your premises is low, the risk to your business can still be high. The value of your business assets, the sensitivity of your records, or the potential loss due to data theft or system compromise can be very significant and make the risk too high to bear.

Another factor to consider can be that in the event of a burglary, theft, and or loss suffered during illegal access of your business premises, where there is no forced entry, there can be complications with insurance.

Essentially, some insurance providers are reluctant to pay claims for property loss where there is no forced entry.  Claims have been rejected and court proceedings have been dismissed due to there being no “violent or forcible entry”.  

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Don’t risk it. Get the professionals on board.

If you have concerns about the security of your business premises, why not speak to the professionals at Hashtag Locksmiths?  Installation of new locks, or re-keying the existing locks might not be expensive and in fact, could represent a small price to pay for your peace of mind.  

When it comes to securing your business, ensure that you only use quality products, and have them professionally installed by your local specialists –  Hashtag Locksmiths. Give us a call today and see how we can help.

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