Moving? Time to Change Locks

Moving? Time to Change Locks

Secure It!

Home is where the heart is. It’s the centre of our lives – where you and your family live, not to mention it is where the bulk of your worldly possessions and valuables are kept. It is the most important thing for you to secure. Accordingly, it wouldn’t seem sensible to allow unknown persons to access your home at their leisure.

It begs the question, why are most people happy to move into a new place and continue to use the existing locks? Your business or home is worth the peace of mind. Check out some of our suggestions for new locks, or continue reading below if you’re still not convinced.

How Many Duplicate Keys are Out There?

Your new place may be great but how many people had keys to it before you moved in? Were there relatives, neighbours, cleaners, or the kids friends who may have had duplicate keys? Was your new home formerly a rental property or share house with numerous tenants all at once or over a period of time? How many keys have they made for partners and friends?

Police often recommend residents changing locks when there is a person, considered not safe to allow access to, who is known to be in possession of a key. In the case of moving in to a new place, you can’t know who might be in possession of a key to access your home.

Each situation will be different. There will be instances where it is strongly recommended to change the locks. There might well be circumstances where the risks of unauthorised access through existing locks will be low. However, taking all factors into account, especially given the importance of your home, we believe the cost of a new lock is a small price to pay for safeguarding your family.

And be sure to get any new locks professionally installed. Speak to the experts at Hashtag Locksmiths to find out what locks will best secure your new home

Moving? Time to Change Locks
Moving? Time to Change Locks

Insurance Claims and Forced Entry

It is worth noting that in the event of a burglary, theft and or loss of your property, where there has been illegal access of your premises using an existing duplicate key, there can be complications with insurance.

Some insurance companies are reluctant to payout in the event of property loss where there is no forced entry. There have been claims rejected and even court proceedings dismissed resulting in policy holders missing out on compensation for their losses, due to there being no “violent or forcible entry”.

Insurance companies will vary but we recommend checking this aspect of your policy and changing your locks to avoid any issues.

Your security is our business. At Hashtag Locksmiths we are committed to great work and providing you with certainty and peace of mind. We take great pride in our professionalism and promise you reliable service that you can trust. We have built a strong reputation for honesty, competitive pricing and using only quality products and materials.

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