Business Security Tips & Tricks

Keeping your workplace safe and secure should be a top priority for business owners; Not only to protect your assets and employees, but for the sake of customer relations. Of course, having items stolen from your business results in a financial loss for you, but on top of that, if important files or work you’ve done for a client are among the stolen goods, it can damage your company’s reputation, and lose you customers too. So, you should be protecting your business’ assets from thieves, vandals, and fires. And keep in mind, around 90% of all significant theft losses are caused by employees, so you need to factor that into your security measures. Here are a few tips to protect your business, straight from an advanced locksmith and security specialist:

Business Security Tips & Tricks

Install CCTV

Installing a CCTV security system will reap various benefits for your business. First off, having CCTV on the premises will deter potential thieves, as criminals are less likely to take part in illegal activity with the risk of being caught on camera. A study based on forty years of research found that areas with CCTV systems experienced a 13% decrease in crime compared to control areas. This not only applies to theft, but also vandalism and destruction of property.

In the event that a criminal does damage or steal your property, you have evidence to present to the police which increases the likelihood of catching the perpetrator.

CCTV can also help reduce insurance rates for your company. Security cameras reduce the risks of theft and vandalism and in many cases prevent unfortunate incidents, which will help lower your premium in many cases. Not to mention, CCTV can also help keep an eye on your employees, who as we mentioned earlier, are often the perpetrators of workplace theft.

Establish a restricted master key system

With the help of an advanced locksmith, you can install a hierarchical system for the locks in your office, wherein different keys grant access exclusively to specific levels. With this system in place, only the commercial locksmith that was hired to develop it will be able to cut duplicate keys for you, meaning your employees won’t be able to copy the keys and keep the spare following their termination. 

Having a restricted master key system, and tracking who is in possession of certain keys, will help deter workplace theft.

Consider switching to digital locks

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ve probably heard us raving about the benefits of digital locks on multiple occasions, but there’s a reason for that. Digital locks offer superior security, particularly in scenarios where multiple people need access to the property, and access must be revoked frequently.

Most workplaces with digital locks have a key-card system; each employee has their own key card which they can use to access restricted areas or rooms. With this system, employees can be granted access to certain zones and denied entry to others, so certain areas are only accessible to you. In the event that your security is compromised, you can tell who had access to that specific room at the time of the breach.

You can also choose digital locks that are unlocked by access codes, fingerprints, or biometric scans. In the event of employee termination, you can simply remove the code or profile for the employee in question.

If you decide on employing digital locking systems in your workplace, call Hashtag Locksmiths today for an advanced locksmith with the necessary know-how.

Keep sensitive and important files locked away

If you keep important documents in your workplace, particularly with privileged information, it’s incredibly important that you store them in a safe, secure spot. Your best bet is a fire-proof safe, as it will protect your files in the event of a fire or a burglary.

If you have the space to, you should also consider having the safe mounted to a wall, desk, or the floor of a locked room, to which you are the only one with a key. If you decide on upgrading to digital locks, you can make your key card, scan or code the only one with access to said room, or, if you decide on employing a master key system, you can restrict that area to your level only.

No matter how you decide to secure your business, Hashtag Locksmiths is here to help. With prompt service and expertise, you can trust, Hashtag Locksmiths is Perth’s premier choice for business and home security.